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I hope you’ve enjoyed the story thus far and it’s my hope that you’ll stick with it. The beginning of the next adventure, The Salt Rose, will have more significantly more sex (if that’s what you’re looking for). This part of the story contains a bit of graphic violence, so be forewarned. As always, if you enjoy this story or have comments, I’d be glad to hear from you at: troublemonkeegmail.com. Also, stop by: theeroticledger.blogspot.com — for updates regarding this and other projects I’m working on.The Weeping Spear Lolita Nude — Concluded. III/III: A Matter of CoinEmbrio was amused by all the gawking. He took it in with a smug satisfaction akin to a cat basking in the sun with a freshly caught mouse beneath its paws. “Master Ottoniél deLeon, these are some men sent to kill us,” he said with aplomb, “I will allow you the pleasure of introducing our revered guest.” Otto, for his part, didn’t seem terribly surprised by this turn of events. Perhaps, Giovanni thought, murder is a common concern in the life of a grand-curator. Otto cast an eye over the two men lying on the ground and his eyes grew hard, but Embrio waved a hand dismissively. “Only sleeping, Otto. Or so I’ve been assured.” “And you trust the word of men sent to murder us?” Embrio shrugged. “For murderers they don’t seem a terrible sort.” “Colorful last words,” Otto said in reply. “Peace, Otto. We’re still alive and we have bigger concerns. A plot has been unearthed. Montefiore has made assurances against our lives and these men were tricked into the task.”"A likely rouse to lull us into their confidence. The mainland is full of such bold-faced deceit. Shall we turn over the frost-borne to them for safekeeping?” A spark of anger flashed across Embrio’s face, but he quickly quashed it and took a quick breath before replying.”Of course you’re right, Lolita Nude Master. But we’re clearly undermanned and very much at their mercy. Should we not attempt to reason with them? They’ve been quite understanding thus far.” Otto grunted. “It seems your inability to keep our location secure leaves us little choice, Embrio.” He finally deigned to address the mercenaries. “I won’t bother appealing to your honor, so let me speak to something baser. If you allow us to pass unharmed, I can offer you a note of debt to the Council-Superior of Veyr worth five hundred capers. Exchangeable at any reputable lending house, even on the mainland,” he said the last words with tangible distaste. Giovanni did the conversion quickly, split four ways and converted into queensgold they would each walk away with significantly more than they would have made from the initial deal with the Montefiores. Of course…”Assuming we let you live, Master Otto, we will invoke the direct displeasure of one of the Queen’s warden,” said Solister, effectively voicing Giovanni’s thought aloud. “Perhaps you don’t understand what that means, but let me assure you that it is a distinctly expensive situation in which to embroil oneself.” “And that’s to say nothing,” Giovanni added, “of your blue friend here. I’m assuming you’ll want a certain amount of silence regarding his existence. Silence among mercenaries, even reputable brigands like ourselves requires a certain amount of financial inducement.” Otto’s eyes narrowed and his lips drew up into a thin line. His face held its annoyance for a moment and then his scowl evaporated and his shoulders sagged into a position that was casual, if not relaxed. “So it comes down to a matter of coin. I suppose that’s the way of things.” Otto looked over at the cold, blue creature and shook his head. “My apologies, revered one. You should not have to be party to such things.” The blue man looked as if prepared to speak, then hesitated. No one moved. He looked around at the faces illuminated by the waning light of the fire. When he spoke it was light, whimsical, heavily accented but the accent was indeterminate. Giovanni shot Farrbiner a look, but the linguist shook his head — wherever the thing was “from” it wasn’t somewhere that Farr’s extensive travels had taken him. “The dark reeks of bodies. Fire and steel,” it said eventually. “Bodies, revered one?” Otto asked. “And steel,” the blue creature reiterated. It was that moment that Casic noticed the sounds and that Solister Lolita Nude drew his sword. Giovanni had both of his poison-tipped stilletos slid out of his sleeves and comfortably in his hands. Farrbiner hefted his walking staff into a wide, two-handed hold. There were noises in the brush, the kind it’s difficult to Lolita Nude silence: armored men marching uphill. The first of them emerged from the trees into seeing range. A steel armored soldier with three black plumes on his metal helm: captain of the Warden’s Guard. He was accompanied by a thin man dressed ostentatiously in a deep purple tunic and close fitting leggings. Though he wore a sabre at his waist, but he seemed far more comfortable with the riding crop he used to swat his way through the brush. He had the ruddy color of a man not used to hard walking and he seemed mightily displeased. When he saw the scene before him, he was even less enthralled. “I expected to come upon more dead bodies than this,” said the man who must be Everett Montefiore. “Imagine my profound disappointment.” Everett and his guard captain kept their distance, standing by the trees at the very edge of the clearing. The four mercernaries stood in-between the newcomers, nearest to the fire, while Embrio edged toward Otto and their blue-skinned curiosity.From beyond the trees there was the faint glimmer of torches and the buzz of distant chatter. It seemed the Warden had brought armed men to hedge his bets. “Warden Montefiore,” Otto began, “this night grows more unpleasant by the moment. Come to finish the bloody work yourself?” The Warden laughed and looked nonplussed, but his guard captain kept looking over at Solister. The solider seemed an upright man, strong and in his middle years. Anyone wise enough to stay alive in a position as tenuous as a Warden’s guard-captain was probably a cautious person. His hand hovered around the sword at his waist. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re all already dead.” He flicked a wrist in Otto’s direction. “Kill them all, but I want the blue thing unharmed. It’s probably still worth something.” The guard captain hesitated for a moment, then shouted, “Men! To me!” He drew his sword, which sang a clear note as he pulled it from its sheath. He advances on Solister slowly as the Warden stood back Lolita Nude with his arms crossed. Solister moved to meet the guard captain sword-to-sword while the other three mercenaries advanced on Warden Montefiore who didn’t seem the least bit worried. Mostly likely because of the dozen or so men who then emerged from the treeline bearing torches and swords. Giovanni didn’t notice any archers, which was good, he didn’t much like the idea of a quarrel in his spine. *Giovanni wasn’t a coward, but he was accurately apprised of his own mortal failings — which is something that a lot of men can’t (or won’t) say about themselves. When the armed (and armored) guards came through the trees, he took a deep sigh and locked eyes with the closest one. When the man was close enough to him that Giovanni could smell the rank of his sweat, the self-proclaimed mage threw his stilettos to the ground and put both hands in the air. Farrbiner, engaged heartily in smashing someone’s head open with one-side of his staff, took a moment to spit dour obscenities at the cowardice of his companion, but Giovanni ignored him.”I give up. Please. Look, I have money. I’ll pay you. I don’t want to die here,” Giovanni pleaded. The soldier kicked the stilettos away and began advancing on Giovanni despite his begging. A second soldier appeared just behind the first and shouted, “be careful. The Warden says these ones are dangerous.” The first soldier turned around and snapped, “I know what I’m do—” which he didn’t because that moment of distraction was all Giovanni needed to whip out another, smaller throwing knife from his sleeve and whip it at the first aggressor. The blade lodged into the exposed flesh of his neck, just beneath the safe cover of his helmet. The soldier staggered, first out of surprise, then probably because his legs were becoming awfully wobbly. By the time he hit the ground, the second soldier had already taken his place and Giovanni was searching in his sleeves for yet another obscured (probably poisoned) weapon. * Casic tried to go straight for the Warden, but three men flew out of the darkness and formed a protective semi-circle around their leader whose self-satisfied expression didn’t waver. He probably expected Casic to be discouraged, but the unarmed youth continued toward them. The first soldier, armed with a short spear, came at him with a lunge to midsection. The blunt maneuver was meant to keep him at a distance. Casic easily side-stepped the attack and pushed it away with the flat of his hand only to have the spear come back at his throat twice as fast. He took a step back and reassesed the spearman. Clearly he was more skilled that Casic initially figured. Casic cracked his knuckles, rolled his shoulder blades and then approached in earnest. * The guard captain screamed as his arm came away from his body. Solister could have let his agony spill out along with his blood, but he was feeling charitable. Another clean swing of his blade and the man’s head came off. He’d put up a decent Lolita Nude fight and Solister’s shoulders were beginning to ache the fresh ache of a fight well fought, but he didn’t have the luxury of putting down his blade. Another two soldiers poured into the space that their dead captain had left. He admired their bravado, but he didn’t envy their chances. * After his first man went down, Farrbiner heard a few scream and looked over at the Veyri. Embrio had picked up his crossbow again and put a bolt through someone’s eye. Farrbiner welcomed the help, but didn’t dwell on feelings of gratitude as he set his staff in a defensive position and pushed at a second combatant. His arms hurt. His head hurt. He thought of a nice white wine from the Mill-Road growing region that he was saving and his mouth watered. Could Giovanni really be onto killing his second man? As usual the smooth-talking fuck was getting by through subterfuge and quickness. Some bloody fucking mage, Farrbiner thought as he knocked a sword-strike wide with his staff. Let’s finish this up and get Lolita Nude back to civilization, shall we?Farrbiner cracked the soldier in the throat with his staff and then cracked him again in the ribs for good measure.* At some point — Everett Montefiore, Warden of the Eastern Reaches, Trusted of Her Majesty, Queen Abrua Argos-Pavel of the House Pavel and of the Iron Throne Eternal — realized that he was probably going to be killed. The battle hadn’t gone the way he had hoped. His guard captain had been slaughtered as easily as a lame-legged sow and his violent death had likely dispirited his men. Otherwise it was unthinkable that they could have been picked off so easily. A few of his soldiers, trusted men trained in killing and loyal to a fault, had survived but it was not by their skill. Many more lay dead or dying around the last sputtering embers of the campfire.Everett staggered back into the dark of the forest as the youngest of the mercenaries set upon the last man standing. Everett turned to run, but the darkness incapacitated him. Where could he go? How far could he get? He began making promises. He promised them titles. More money than they could carry. He made threats. The very wrath of hell, if Montefiore was to be believed, would descend upon them should they touch even a hair on his highly appointed head. The young one, who fought like a demon with his hands, challenged that notion by retrieving the man and dragging him by his hair into the light of the fire, which the pretend-mage plied with scattered firewood and chuckled. “Save your wind, Montefiore. I’d imagine that none of us are particularly impressed by the pedigree of your vengeance or enamored by the prospect of your generosity.” He sniffed. “After all, you did come here to kill all of us, men in your employ if you’ll remember, and you did a piss Lolita Nude poor job of it.” Montefiore apologized, words Lolita Nude tumbling out like desperate, eloquent bile. “Enough,” their leader, the giant, growled. He sported a long gash through his armor across his chest. It bled freely and fouled his armor as readily as his mood. “Answer our questions honestly and we’ll let you live.” Montefiore nodded. “How many people knew that you were coming here tonight?” He looked around and licked his lips. “I sent a runner to the Queen just after dark.” The young man kicked him in the mouth. He did it casually and without warning. Montefiore stumbled back, dazed, and spat blood into the dirt. His eyes went wild like a bloodied horse.”Answer the question,” their leader said again. “My wife and these men. No one else,” he said weakly through a maybe-broken jaw. “Please don’t kill me. Our house was entering insolvency. We needed the money, but we weren’t entitled the sell the spear. I would have been stripped of my Lolita Nude
post!” The leader turned to the grand-curator of Veyr. “You’re our newest customer. And since we’re adding the cost of this fight to your bill Lolita Nude
you should at least get to decide what should we do with him, Master Curator.” “He’s offended Veyr herself and threatened the lives of every man present.” He cast a vaguely penitent eye on Montefiore. “I’m afraid, Warden, that it is far too late for apologies.” Embrio grinned and started forward. The blue, frozen creature stared on with a blank expression as the eight men present concluded their business by the fire. Epilogue: Spoils Giovanni pulled the last stitch through the skin and sealed Solister’s wound neatly. He wiped his hands with a clean cloth and apprised his handiwork. It was well-done and the resulting scar would be minimal, but it was certainly not as fine as Farrbiner would have done, had the healer not entered something he was referring to as “a reverent inebriation.” “A shame we couldn’t get to Altalise Montefiore. If she testifies to the Queen’s magisters about our involvement, things could get somewhat uncomfortable for us shortly.” Giovanni said, as he reached over for the bandages. Solister nodded, but didn’t answer. Instead he looked out the window at the landscape crawling by. They had booked a trip aboard the Imbroglio, the mainlands only travelling pleasure house. A place where dozens of wealthy aristocrats were pulled, half by mechanical intervention and half by nearly a hundred Black Plains Oxen, across the landscape in lavish accommodations. “Still, by the time anyone realizes that the four nobles who booked passage did so under assumed names, we’ll be too far for the Lady Montefiore to have any jurisdiction over us,” Giovanni continued. Solister looked down at his bandages and made a Lolita Nude grunt that doubled as approval.”As much of a headache as this nonsense was, I admit that we came out on top of things. For now anyway. For that —” He touched his bandage lightly. “— and this, you have my thanks, Giovanni.” There was a knock and Solister gestured to the door. Giovanni crossed the small room to open it. An almond skin young man stood at the threshold in a gauzy tunic and pants of thin linen. Giovanni could smell the fragrant flower-oils he was bathed in and these stained his clothing transparent. Nothing was left to the imagination on his powerful frame. He smiled the way only a courtesan can. “I’m Lolita Nude Lotus. May I enter, sir?” “Yes,” Giovanni said automatically, without thinking. He moved smoothly across the room. His body seemed to take advantage of every muscle as he walked. Every bit of him seemed like it had been cut from stone. The sturdy youth shed his clothes as he moved and was naked as he crawled into bed next to Solister. He gave the swordsman a light kiss on the lips in greeting and then took a position on his hands and knees. It took a minute for Giovanni to realize that this meeting was pre-arranged. He gave Solister a courteous nod and then stepped Lolita Nude through the door himself.”Giovanni,” Solister said, and reached out to push a thumb into Lotus’s already moist hole. The young man sighed pleasurably in response. “Stay. Watch.”Giovanni reached out and closed the door.

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